I don’t think the question was ever “To be or not to be,” but rather, why wouldn’t you have your cake and eat it too? So, “let them eat cake”, or ice cream, or lollys, or what have you, and let them eat here…

Ben and Jerry’s in Miramar Beach is locally owned and operated, serving up sweets just like their founding fathers … Ben and Jerry, that is. Try some of their new flavors, like Tubby Hubby, or stick with a classic, like Chunky Monkey. They’ve just released dairy-free flavors too (crafted with almond milk) and have delicious sorbets.

Comfort food meets sweet treat at the old-fashioned confectionery chain Kilwins. A classic crowd pleaser all over the US, serving staples such as chocolate fudge and candy apples, we’re happy to have one here, at home, in Grand Boulevard.  

Did I mention Menchies Frozen Yogurt in Grand Boulevard? Grab a cup, pick a yogurt or sorbet, fill it up yourself and then hit the toppings bar! Fresh fruit, candy, even chocolate covered cherries can go on top. The constant rotation of flavors keeps Menchies exciting and fun and the new Dole Whip tastes just like the classic that’s served in Walt Disney World’s Adventure Land! It’s a lot of fun to make.

Look for the two-story, three-scoop cone just across from Red Fish Village in Blue Mountain Beach, and you’ve found the Blue Mountain Beach Creamery. Show up early before the line stretches to the beach; this place is worth the wait. They also serve Charlie’s Donuts in the morning now!

La Loba’s Bakery is loved by locals 30-A wide, and a need-to-know to newcomers.  Best known for their cinnamon rolls and sweets, La Loba’s is also a favorite for lunch specials. The veggie burrito paired with a chocolate puddle is a fool-proof pursuit of happiness in Blue Mountain Beach.

Watercolor’s Candy Bar is the kind of place where things could get a little crazy. Keep an eye on the kids, because a sugar rush is about to happen! Lollipops, candies that fizz, candies that ooze, candies that break your jaw … Candy Bar has a little bit of everything.

Heavenly’s Shortcakes and Ice cream in Seaside is perfect for a quick sweet treat or a fast photo-op in front of the giant triple-scoop ice cream cone out front. Grab a cone, snap  a shot, head out happy. ‘Nuff said.

With more than 70 Popsicle flavors, the Pop Shop in Seagrove Beach is the one-stop shop for folks of all flavors, from all over. Respected most for using locally sourced ingredients, the Pop Shop’s menu changes seasonally; a delicious model of its local landscape.

 Small Cakes Cupcakery and Creamery in Seacrest, bakes a whopping  18 flavors of cupcakes, and 15 small-batch ice cream flavors each and every morning. They are adding a gluten-free cupcake to their menu soon!

Head to the beach side of Rosemary Beach, and slink into the Sugar Shak for a shockingly sweet treat. Ice cream, cotton candy, and all types of fun candies are sold here. When the door opens onto Main Street you can actually smell the sugar.

American Cookies and Marble Slab Creamery is quickly becoming a local favorite. You may have experienced the wonder of a giant cookie cake before or the joy of seeing your ice cream chopped and mixed in front of you, but we doubt that you’ve ever caught your own ice cream before. That’s right! Owner Chris Webb has perfected the scoop toss. You have to see it to believe it. Located in 30Avenue.

Our beautiful Beaches of South Walton aren’t only blessed with sugary white sands, but with an abundance of sugary, sweet delights that are sure to turn the grumpiest youngster into a happy, sticky mess. Keep calm and eat candy!