Amy Giles, owner of Wardrobe Made Simple, is a busy mom of two adorable girls. She knows the struggle of looking good while running errands and tending to kids. We reached out to her to get her top style tips for moms.

  1. Simple accessories go a long way. A great pair of sandals or sunglasses can completely change a look from ho-hum to glam.
  2. Challenge yourself to get out of yoga pants and wear a pretty cotton dress or cute romper.
  3. Look for natural fabrics.

“Don’t be afraid to add a little glam while playing with your littles! ” Amy said. “Fashion is fun.”

For our fun photo shoot, photographed by Jade Lott Photography,  Amy selected comfortable (and oh so soft) styles from Seaside Style, OKO, OKO Kids, Willow + Mercer, Gigi’s Fabulous Kids’ Fashion & Toys and Bump + Baby.

Annie Stutts and daughter Parker (wearing Willow + Mercer and Gigi’s Fabulous Kids’ Fashion & Toys looks) had a great time exploring the new beach walkover at Seaside’s Bud & Alley’s restaurant. Annie’s dress was cool, comfortable and a flattering shade that warms most skin tones. 

Cayce Collins, daughter Clara and son Murphy (wearing Seaside Style and Bump + Baby looks) explored the Seaside amphitheater green with us. Cayce’s dress can be found at Bump + Baby and was incredible soft! The dark blush shade is flattering to most skin tones and, best of all, this is a dress that can be worn throughout pregnancy. 

Kristy Green, daughter Karter and son Walker (wearing OKO and OKO Kids looks) walked in the cool white sands behind The Shrimp Shack. Karter and Walker loved their comfortable shorts and shirts and didn’t want to change out of these looks!