Have you ever gone on vacation and bought a souvenir to remember the experience? Maybe a T-shirt that the kids outgrew within a few months or a Christmas ornament that you only get to see once a year?

Here’s an idea: make art together.

For the past three years Moore Family Folk Art assembles a work area in front of The Blue Giraffe art gallery and invites kids and families to make their own art using recycled materials.

Called “upcycled folk art,” the Moore’s encourage kids to peruse a vast collection of tiles, vintage bottle caps, buttons, scrabble pieces, slices of soda cans (and other materials) and think about how they can use those colors and shapes to create guitars, turtles or, maybe even a bouquet of flowers. The experience may make you look at the things you discard a little differently.

Alan works in construction when he’s not busy crafting works of art. It’s a true family business, with his two daughters, Emma and Isabella, often creating and selling works of their own.

The boys help more with sorting items by color and getting the supplies together. The girls though … wherever I sell, they are also selling.”

The busy family of seven has had a presence on 30A for the last 5-6 years. The family recently had to move to Denver, Co. but Alan said he loves the spring and summer art camps because it helps keep them connected to the community that they love.

We have many families that visit us each year and actually make it a part of their vacation experience,” Alan said. “It has been fun to watch their art progress over the years.”

One of those repeat families is the Crew family, who visit 30A each year during Spring Break.

Our 9-year-old son has so much fun and is always extremely proud of his creations,” Mike Crew said. “He can’t wait to find the perfect spot to hang his masterpiece when we get back home. We look forward to seeing what our oldest son designs this year.”

The idea of a personal gallery that expands with each beach adventure is pretty special and would seem to carry more memories than a more conventional keepsake. Have you created a work of art while on vacation? What does it mean to you? Please share your story with us on our Facebook page.

Moore Family Folk Art will have a gallery showing from June 25-Sept. 5 at Amavida Coffee & Tea in Rosemary Beach. For the full spring and summer class schedule, please see our calendar of events on page *.