Do you know a child who is not fascinated by firefighters? We don’t!

Why are firefighters so exciting to kids? Because they help people? Or is that great big fire engine with all the hoses and sirens? The potential danger?

We spoke with Firefighter Kate Christenson to get her inside take on what it’s like:

When did you decided to become a firefighter?

I became interested in becoming a firefighter in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew. I lived in Miami when the Hurricane hit. The devastation was terrible, but I was able to see how the different public service jobs came together to help the community.

Have you ever been inside a house when it’s on fire?

Yes! I have been in a burning building. Let me tell you, it is quite an adrenaline rush.

What’s the best part about being a firefighter?

The best part of the job is I’ve learned to always appreciate and cherish family and friends. Don’t fight or complain about the small stuff. This type of job definitely humbles you.

What’s the worst part?

The worst part is being away from my family on holidays.

Do you really sleep at the fire station?

Yes, I live at the fire station one-third of the year. I work 24-hours on and 48-hours off.

How do I become a firefighter?

You can attend any accredited fire college and take the state exam. I attended Florida State Fire College in Ocala.

Is getting dressed super fast really important?

Yes! This is actually a drill in rookie school. The quicker you get dressed the quicker  you get to the scene.

Our thanks to the South Walton Fire District for allowing us to spotlight the wonderful work that they do.