If your child is wild, and their tummy is grumbly, here are a few places to go spend your money. 

It happens. Kids get hungry, and no one enjoys the stress of being the only family in a stuffy crowd of kidless, caramelized-kumquat connoisseurs (yes, it’s a thing). I’ve been there. It’s uncomfortable.

So where then?

HERE: Stinky’s Fish Camp Not only will your child love the name, and all the possibilities that come along with it… the food accommodates both children and adults, the scene is laid-back, and if you’re lucky, live music for frolicking with your barefoot babe.

TIP: Freak your kid out with the Buffalo Frog Legs, it’s worth it…

Chiringo You can enjoy Gulf views and a fresh cocktail while your little one scarfs down a generous hamburger and fries. The seafood is always fresh, never frozen, if fried shrimp is more their style.

TIP: The fresh-squeezed strawberry lemonade is perfect after a day in the sun.

Pizza By The Sea The name says it all. With three 30-A locations, one in Seagrove Beach, one in Gulf Place, and a new location in Seacrest, Pizza By The Sea serves up slices to salty children of all sorts.

TIP: My daughter LOVES the Hammy Sammy.


Cowgirl Kitchen Cowboys welcome as well. Enjoy a Tex-Mex twist on your Southern favorites. Snap a shot in front of the cute cow mural at the Seagrove location, or grab some grub on your way to the green at their Rosemary Beach location.

TIP: Cowgirl Kitchen offers pre-made, one dish meals to take home, heat up and eat up. Perfect if you want to eat in the comfort of your own home (or rental home), without all the hassle.

HERE: The Melt Down We’ve all had them, but not quite like this. Think melted cheese, rather than melted emotions. As part of the airstream lineup in Seaside, you can grab your grilled cheese and eat on the lawn, or have a seat at one of the street-side sittings available.

TIP: Don’t leave without a super cute kid’s T-shirt “I had a Melt Down on 30-A”

HERE: Barefoot BBQ Just a few steps away from The Melt Down, Barefoot BBQ is another airstream sensation, specializing in, you guessed it, barbecue.

TIP: BBQ Nachos will knock your socks off, and leave you, well…Barefoot.

Twin Oaks Farm Store Named after her certified organic farm (Twin Oaks), farmer Renee Savary and her team offer delicious organic frittatas, pancakes, scones, freshly baked breads, locally grown tomatoes and a freezer filled with homemade soups and meats to take home.

TIP: Check out the wall of preserves and other goodies. My kids love the peach preserves! Her tea service is also a lot of fun. She serves organic teas in her own personal antique tea sets.

HERE: George’s The frog-themed restaurant, George’s, in Alys Beach is sure to make kids, and caretakers alike, toadily hoppy. With a Tadpole menu, and two menus for adults, those who like to behave, and those who like to misbehave, George’s makes even choosiest choosers cheery.

TIP: Croaker Grouper Bites are a great alternative for the chicken finger lovers in your family.

Parents know all about choosing their battles; why wage World War III over watercress salad? It’s unnecessary. Save it for the sitter, and try these places with your kids.