Story updated on Aug. 17

The solar eclipse happens on Aug. 21. In Walton County we’ll be able to view the partial eclipse (approximately 86% of the total eclipse) between the hours of 12-3 PM, with the maximum viewing time being reported as 1:37 PM.

Schools Are Not Allowing Outdoor Viewing of the Eclipse

UPDATE: No Walton County school is allowing students to go outdoors during the time of the eclipse. However, if you would like to check your child out to view the eclipse, or keep them home that day, the absence is excused. 

Walton County district has sent educational materials about the solar eclipse to all schools. Students will view NASA feed of the eclipse from inside the school.

Destin/Okaloosa County Schools

Okaloosa County schools are not allowing outdoor viewing of the eclipse.

Bay County Schools

Bay County schools are not allowing outdoor viewing of the eclipse.


Because you will be looking directly at the sun IT IS NOT SAFE to wear sunglasses. You must wear proper eyewear. NASA has released recommended brands of eyewear to purchase. Do not buy eyewear unless it has been verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. Most shops seem to be out of stock, but we did find ISO certified glasses here.

Make a Pinhole Projector

If you aren’t able to obtain glasses, you can go “old school” and make a pinhole projector. Remember those? It’s a fun activity to get the kids involved in. Find directions to make a pinhole projector and other educational (and free) downloads here. You can also make one out of a cereal box!

NASA is also live streaming the total eclipse on its website, Facebook and Youtube pages.