Marla Carter has launched an adorable new clothing line for baby girls. Sweet, innocent, fun and made with “a whole lotta love” the new Sonny James line (named after her youngest daughter) features classic bubbles, bloomers, tops and accessories in a range of happy colors.

Any mother of two girls is going to be buying, and looking, at a lot of clothes. When you’re a professional photographer though, this becomes a part of your job.

I’m always recommending outfits for photoshoots,” Marla, co-owner of Marla & Shane Photography, explained. “I always tell parents to look for clothes they don’t have to fuss with.”

She started looking for well-made outfits that were breathable, machine washable and had a timeless design. She realized she had an opportunity on her hands.

The busy mother of three began to daydream about starting her own clothing line. If she could create a bubble, what would it look like? Why weren’t there bloomers that fit properly and came in a better range of colors? The thoughts wouldn’t get out of her head.

I love to think up ideas for businesses,” she admitted. “Usually I get busy and the idea dies, but this one really stuck with me. So I started researching.”

She contacted friends in the business, read everything she could and found a broker in New York to help her navigate the ins and outs of clothing factories.

It was important to Marla that Sonny James maintained the sweet innocence of babyhood. She didn’t want anything that looked too grown up, but the outfits needed to have a modern edge.
She worked with artists to create custom prints for the bubbles and bloomers. The results are sophisticated, vintage-inspired prints that do not overwhelm the classic designs.

All of the tops are organic cotton and have a criss-cross design in back (to keep straps from falling). Bloomers and bubbles are 100 percent cotton and everything can be tossed into the washing machine.

I’m constantly being inspired by my own sweet little Sonny James,” Marla said. “I’m always thinking ‘what would Sonny want to wear?’ What would be comfortable for her to play in?”

In the fall, Marla will be working with local 30A artist Liza Snyder to create prints for T-shirts. These shirts, and coordinating cardigans, will be added to the line in the fall (clothing is sold at

The prints on the T-shirts will tie-in with the bloomers and the cardigans will complement the bubbles. We’re growing the line slowly and organically. I’m excited for everyone to see it.”