1. Select the spot for your castle. Clear away any debris and flatten out a base for the castle to built upon.
2. Make sure you have a few tools on hand. You’ll need a bucket and shovel. Spatulas and short sticks are great for creating smooth walls and ledges.
3. Either dig out and stack sand for the base of the castle or create turrets and walls using the bucket.
4. Fill your bucket halfway with water and then add dry sand. It will mix more easily this way.
5. Quickly flip the bucket and place in the desired spot. Tap the sides of the bucket gently with a small shovel or the spatula. Gently lift the bucket to reveal the turret or walls.
6. Once the castle is built, it is time to go in and spend time on the details.
7. A small piece of driftwood or the sharp edge of a seashell are perfect for drawing the windows and doors of the castle.
8. Decorate the castle with shells and other found objects.
9. Admire your creation.
10. Have fun knocking down your sandcastle before you leave the beach. While beautiful, it might prevent an endangered sea turtle from nesting on our beaches. Help a sea turtle out by keeping the beach flat and free of things that might scare her.