Ahoy there mateys! Are ye dirty bilge rats speakin’ like a good-for-nothin’ pirate today? Ye should. It tis’ International Talk Like a Pirate Day after all (Sept. 19).

Think of it as a great excuse to be silly and annoy our kids (like we needed an excuse). So go fish those forgotten pirate swords, eye patches and boots out of the bottom of your kid’s closet and get to speaking’ like the swashbuckler ye are.

Need help speaking pirate? Our pals at Jake and the Never Land Pirates are here to lend you and your littles a hand.


Now that you’re a pro, all hands on deck! Head over to The Village of Baytowne Wharf tonight (Sept. 19) for the Pirate festivities. Capt’n Davy is performing and is on hand to help judge a pirate costume contest. Kids can look for treasure in a scavenger hunt, watch a magic show, and do a pirate jig to live music.

If you want to impart some actual pirate know-how on your older kids, check out the Pirate Code of Conduct from Bartholomew Roberts (better known as the infamous Black Bart pirate).

Yo ho ho!